Where is First Baptist Church Juneau?
We are located halfway between Downtown and the Valley – 4625 Glacier Highway, on Twin Lakes, adjacent to the Juneau Pioneer’s Home.

What does your church believe?
See “Beliefs” and “Salvation” at this website.

What should I expect when I attend First Baptist?
A friendly group of folks, young and old, that love Jesus. Our worship services on Sunday include music (choruses and hymns) and Christ-centered Bible preaching.  Classes meet for Sunday School an hour before worship on Sunday mornings. On Wednesday evenings, a short Bible study is followed by a time of prayer.

What exactly is Sunday School?
A small, informal, Bible study class with people of similar age or station in life. A teacher is prepared each week with a lesson designed to help you grow closer to God and His plan for your life. We have classes ranging in age from babies to adults.  We use a broad range of Bible-centered teaching materials. There are no tests.

What translation of the Bible do you use?
During corporate worship we use an English translation known as the English Standard Version. We do, however, believe it advantagous to our growth in Christ to study from various faithfully translated English versions of the Holy Scriptures.

Is it okay to bring my children to the worship service?
Yes, this is not a problem. In fact, we hope you do. Should you need it, there is a “Comfort Room” at the back of the sanctuary. We also have a nursery for children up to four years old located downstairs.

Do you have something for children?
We believe Sunday School to be a great opportunity to help children learn more about God. Families appreciate the value of their children developing close friendships with peers in the context of the local church. Each summer, we also host a Vacation Bible School.

What should I wear to church services?
Some people dress up in honor of the Lord’s Day, but many wear casual clothes. If you desire to worship with us, please come as you are. You will be just fine.

Do you perform marriage ceremonies for people from outside your church?
First Baptist Church performs weddings for its members.  In Alaska, anyone over 18 can become a marriage commissioner by applying with the State of Alaska. Marriage Information – Alaska Court System

Where does First Baptist get the money to operate?
Our budget is funded entirely through the giving of people who attend our church. Offerings support worldwide missions through the  Southern Baptist Convention Cooperative Program, as well as the Alaska Baptist Resource Network, the Tongass Baptist Association, and other ministries in and around Juneau.

When do you observe the Lord’s Supper?
During the morning worship service on the first Sunday of each month. We use grape juice and homemade flatbread containing no yeast.

Are there activities at the church I could become involved in?
Yes, throughout the year the members and guests of this church work and play hard together to do life together. Some church activities require “all hands on deck”. You are encouraged to join in as much as your schedule allows.

How do I know if First Baptist is right for me?
Billy Graham has said, “Each Christian should select a church because they are convinced that within its particular structure they will find the greatest opportunities for spiritual growth, the greatest satisfaction for their human needs, and the greatest chance to be of helpful service to those around them.” We pray that God will show you where He wants you to attend church.

What about church membership?
You are most welcome to attend any and all church meetings as a guest. And though the terms “membership” or “church membership” are not found in the Scriptures, we at the First Baptist Church Juneau believe church membership to be a natural extension of the New Testament teachings on church growth (e.g. Acts 2:38 ff.). Therefore we at First Baptist strongly urge all Christians to join a local church. Should you be led to join First Baptist, a member of the Leadership Team will be happy to meet with you and answer any questions.