Over the years the church has met in the American Legion Hall, a house that once existed on the northeast corner of Franklin and Fourth Streets, a new church building that was constructed at 1649 Glacier Avenue in 1951, the Seventh Day Adventist facility at 2nd and Main Streets, and in the current building at 4625 Glacier Highway where the first worship service was held on February 21, 1971.



First Baptist Church, 1651 Glacier Hwy, 1962           Parsonage 1648 Glacier Highway, 1962           Our current location, 4625 Glacier Hwy


Seventeen men have served as Pastor of First Baptist Church since 1946: J.T. Spurlin, 1946- 47; L.L. Richardson, 1948; Jimmie Bolton 1949-1955; Oliver W. Marson, 1955-57; Bryan Osborn, 1958-59; A.A. Palmer, 1959-61; S.W. Driggers, Interim, 1961-62; Richard H. Moore, Interim, 1963- 64; Joe H. Patterson, 1964-68; Hollis V. Bryant, 1969-1973; Charles Gene Foshee, 1973-76; J.R. Matthews, 1976-1980; Jimmie Stringer, 1980-86; Johnny Jackson, 1986-1994; Marshall Duncan, Interim, 1994; Jimmie Stringer, 1994-2015; Guy Crockroft, Interim, 2015-2016; R. Eugene Williams, 2016-2023.

Licensed to Ministry: 

Since the church was formed, eight of its members have responded to a call to the ministry of the Gospel: Galen Hunt, 1950; Dave Hammock, 1975; Ken McMeans, 1981; John Lichtenberger, 1981; Greg White, 1982; Guy Crockroft, 1993; Todd Lynn, 2006; and Rhys Mateo, 2014.